I haven’t planned how many artworks I will leave in Bali. But after my first and second painting, it became like a sport and the best activity after university or the beach. I met Amadeus about one week ago. I can’t lie – he was the most difficult client of my life. But it was just because he has amazing ideas in his head and I have my own ideas in my imagination. Sometimes it’s hard to combine everything, but today we got a result – two amazing paintings and a story which have left a big interest in my memory.

Amadeus is a professional football player who has waited a long time to join a football club somewhere, so he had a lot of time to decide what he wants to do during his waiting time. Today he has “Mercato Coffee Bar” – the meaning of Mercato is transfer window which means player transfer from one club to another. I really believe that waiting time was like God’s message because now he has a plan and business for the future.

Thank you Amadeus, thanks Agil and Yuda for amazing coffee everyday, for interesting conversations and every moment!