Almost one year ago I came to Bali where I met two amazing girls from different countries - Sharon and Petra. Both of them believed in me and my dreams. Both of them changed my decision of life so much...

One evening we’ve had a dinner and I gave a few my business cards them with the idea that maybe one day I’ll create artworks in their countries: United Kingdom and Austria. They kept saying to me: “Aube, you’ll be famous!”. So it’s crazy but exactly today I’ve finished two artworks in UK, the town of Swanage, the place where used to work Sharon before. It’s kinda funny cause Petra also been here for a while so I could easily say that I left the last footprint of our team in Harrow House.

To someone it’s just one more artwork and to me it’s one more opportunity to meet new people, discover new areas, learn new things, leave the detail of me and show the world how important is art for me. I’m grateful for every step in my life cause every step move me forward. Thanks for The Harrow House team!