It’s been more than 2 weeks already since I’m here - in such a beautiful and charming island full of unexpected experience, new people and simple moments which makes you happy without any reason. So that’s the answer for everybody who still think you need to have a lot of money to travel: for almost three weeks I’ve supposed to spend around 700$ just to stay in places I got an opportunity to live. And I’ve spent only 160$ which included my visa, some meals, transport and of course my paints which helps me to survive. Exactly!!! There are so many ways to travel and the worst is just to stay at home and think you need to become the millionaire first. The flight ticket is the answer. Doesn’t matter what’s the question, right?

Connections make my life more interesting! My goal isn’t to meet random people and after saying goodbye never see them again. Opposite - I want to make a great collaboration and strong friendship with any kind of people from any part of the world that after some time I could be sure - YES! I CAN DEFINITELY COME BACK! Lovely team who own kite surfing spot called "Aquaholics" and a comfy hostel "Ebb & Flow" in Paje, Zanzibar - gave me that confidence and a lot of walls for my creativity. Paje, I will come to you on the raining season!